My wife Briana, my daughter McKinley and myself. Photo By: Matt Elwood


Sam Swartz

About Sam:  Hello and welcome to my website!  I am Sam Swartz, the photographer and owner of Images Of The Wild Eye.  I have been taking pictures for close to a decade now, and  I couldn’t love what I do more!  I currently have a very full time wedding and portrait business that is the main focus of my photography energy.  I feel so fortunate to be able  to make my living doing what I love as a portrait photographer.  Not only am I blessed to be able to provide a living as a photographer, but I also have a beautiful family.  My wife and I have been married for over nine years with the best part of those nine years being our daughter McKinley (2 Years).  Married life is wonderful and when you add a little one to your family.  It really makes you feel complete.

IMG_2553In addition to portrait work, I love having a personal creative outlet where I can shoot what I want and be in control of taking the image the way I want.  I have a great love for the outdoors which has led to a passionate pursuit of wildlife and nature photography.  This means lots of road trips to National Parks, the mountains, and anywhere I think I might be able to create a beautiful image from God’s amazing canvas!  I currently have visited 30 of America’s 59 National Parks and 6 of Canada’s 27 National Parks.  Of course, anyone who has lived their entire life in Nebraska has to be a Husker fan, and I am no exception to that rule!  My idea of a perfect evening is heading to Kansas City with my wife for a Red Sox game or a night camping out under the stars in the middle of nowhere!



Artist Statement:  As I travel and get to see all of these incredible locations, I hope that each and every image I create will help many people see and understand more of this amazing world that God has created.   “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.”  Romans 1:20


Artist Convictions:  I love nature photography and have strong convictions on how it should be created.  My biggest conviction is in order to call yourself a wildlife photographer, the animals that you photograph and display as “wildlife” MUST be wild.  This may seem like an obvious standard,  but many people would be surprised to know that the amazing wildlife photo that they saw was actually taken on a “game farm”.   These farms have every wild animal you can think of that are kept caged up like a zoo animal then trained to pose exactly how the photographer desires. SSP_3455 So much of the art of wildlife photography is becoming educated about the animals and dedicating enough time in the wild to be able to catch that one special moment.  The only animals you will see on my site are of  fully wild animals.   My other great conviction in nature photography is capturing and displaying the photos just as my camera saw it at that very moment in time.  This means I attempt to do as little work in the digital dark room as possible!   All photos have always had some developing process, whether film or digital.  But all of my photos are from ONE image only!  No composite or HDR’s here.  Once you start adding multiple photos together, you are creating digital art and not photography.  HDR’s can create beautiful images, but I don’t believe them to be true to the craft.  I also believe they lessen all of a person’s other great work.